I had the pleasure of performing to 3 sold out shows at the GCTC as part of Rob Frayne's Ottawa suite Jan. 10,11,12. So starting already on a high note, I've got some great shows coming up this year and some exciting new projects.  I am excited to start a new chamber jazz group called Flower after Flower. I'm also continuing new tunes for the Alouette Space Agency which I'm very happy to be performing with. 17/4 with two drummers! What's that going to be like! I'm also hoping to record the ASA in studio or possibly a live recording. There also a whole new set of material for a new funky soulful group called the Smoke Organ Quintet premiering May 5th. Gigs with Rakestar, Megan Jerome the Atlantis Jazz Ensemble are some exciting things coming up! Stay tuned